For years I have worked an Emotional Intelligence trainer, and consultant. I have particularly been involved in helping organisations clarify their messaging from an emotional intelligence standpoint, and ensure their communications are effective and have the impact that they wish.

Put simply, communications that do not take account of emotional context fail. Whilst people are very smart, and perfectly capable of making rational decisions based on logic and evidence, the fact is that the majority of the time that’s not what we do. Instead, we make decision on ‘gut instinct’ – that is, our emotions have right of veto over our intellect when it comes to opinion forming.

It is therefore incredibly important to position communications so that they are emotionally congruent – that is, they fit with the emotional position of the people you are trying to reach and persuade. Some fairly straightforward analysis of the message you are trying to communicate and the groups you are trying to communicate to, can allow you to subtly shift your presentation of message so that it has much more impact.

If you are intending to use video to get a specific message out to the world, I can work with you to help clarify the best way of achieving your goal – how to position your communication, and how to present your own story, your own understanding and your own emotional reality to really connect with an audience and make a difference to them. This isn’t about manipulating or distorting what you have to say – in fact, I find that being authentic and showing integrity is vital in being effective – but it’s about shaping what you present so it can most easily be engaged with and absorbed. Often we try to hard to get a message across rather than showing our real emotion and passion. But we must also learn to relate to where our audience is currently position to help them begin to move to where we want them to be.