I’m James Thirtle*, based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. I’m a freelance videographer, and I primarily work with charities and social groups to  produce short documentary videos to support their work. I particularly enjoy working with groups and individuals who want to share their passion and share their stories in order to bring about change in the world. I focus on making connections with people and sharing the way they see the world.

My day rate is usually £500 for a days filming, including a basic edit and sort of your footage, and £35 an hour for editing. However, if you are a charity or organisation, particularly one local to me, who is trying to make a positive difference in the world, I may be able to donate some of my time to you for free – please get in touch! I like the chance to work with a range of groups and organisations, and if you have an interesting story or campaign, and I have the free time, I’d like to be involved. Of course, in order to make this possible I am reliant on organisations that do have a budget to pay me my normal rate – so, sadly, I can’t offer unlimited free work.

Alongside video work, I also record, edit and produce audio, either to go along with video productions, or for separate projects like podcasts. I particularly enjoy producing interviews and telling people’s stories.

I have done extensive work on producing more emotionally intelligence communications, meaning I can help you design video messages that are most effective at reaching and connecting with your target audience. Authenticity and connection are the key to really help make a difference. I can also offer training in how to more effectively craft your messaging in a more emotionally intelligent way.


* Thirtle = Thor’s Kettle, meaning Thor’s Cauldron